Being Innovation Pundits is the pulse that keeps Roth Media’s heartbeat going. We might be a small agency, but we are mighty in our ideas and ideations. We’re powered by every member of our team. So, we asked our junior team how they shatter boundaries and are molding themselves into titans.


Andrei Damane, Account Manager – Events

“At Roth, everyone is an intern. This is a fantastic way to approach your work and life in general – there is no work too small or that won’t provide an opportunity to learn.”

Lemogang Kodisang, Strategist

“Shattering boundaries is how the founders created an agency from one laptop and an idea. They did not know if they would succeed. I learned a lot about how your attitude affects your work.”


Tankiso Makhene, PR Accounts Manager

“As a creative it thrills me to stay on top of industry trends, bring an innovative flare and set new precedents with all the work that we do.”

Naledi Monamodi, PR Co-ordinator

“Being a part of the team that shattered the previous PR record for The Sun Met was so surreal! Joining Roth just as the campaign was going live, was scary but it left me with goose bumps. We smashed all the targets and goals we had set for ourselves. We’ve got to continue believing that we can do it.”

Azraa Ismail, Luxury Intern

“By using all the knowledge that the industry has shown me and applying it to the work that we do at Roth, leaves us with the ability to do anything.”

Gaole Bogatsu, Accounts Manager: Corporate PR

“As someone with extensive experience in corporate PR and because Roth allows for each team member to be themselves and open with ideas, my passion to change perception through PR and be a change agent through PR has assisted the team with looking at a different sector of clients. “